11.4 hectare land in Brgy. San Isidro Calauan, Laguna where new and intensive methods of agricultural technologies are continue to be tested, developed, and validated before they were disseminated. CRTD spread the technologies mainly through conduct and management of technology training courses and orientation for PBSP-assisted farmers, communities and other clients inside and outside the country.
  • CRTD Products

    Consist of different products that are naturally healthy and organically grown in our BUKHAY Farm
  • CRTD Training

    CRTD training complex is surrounded by the BUKHAY (Bukid ng Buhay) demonstration and technology farm. Thus, everything around is rural and serene. The site is conducive for learning, making it an ideal place for the conduct of training programs, teambuilding, and other group activities. At CRTD Training Center, the participants could relax and find tranquility at CRTD semi-park landscape and farm complex.
  • CRTD Study Tour

    CRTD also conducts study tours and can accomodate batches of participants inclusive of board and lodging in linked with other institutions and partners.
  • CRTD Programs and Services

    CRTD provides different programs and services needed by farmers and other individuals or communities.These services are also open to private institutions, NGOs, PO, LGUs and other governments agencies.


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Barangay San Isidro, Calauan, Laguna, Philippines
A vast complex area consists of an 11.4 hectare land in Brgy. San Isidro Calauan, Laguna where new and intensive methods of agricultural technologies are continue to be tested, developed, and validated before they were disseminated. CRTD spread the technologies mainly through conduct and management of technology training courses and orientation for PBSP-assisted farmers, communities and other clients inside and outside the country.

CRTD Organized MASBATE Farmers Livelihood Program Study Tour

The Study Tour in coordination with Masbate Gold Project (MGP) headed by Mr. Chito Bustamante eventualized last March 10 to 14, 2013. This five-day tour aimed to provide participants practical information dissemination about different livelihood programs and integrated farming system technologies.

"The tour was very conducive and effective that we did not only enjoyed visiting sceneries but also learned many technologies as well as the ways and means of a community - based livelihood programs in which, we could apply on our own farm areas and shared it with other co-farmers. Much more, we are already excited for the next tour and might as well undergo the CRTD IFS Training."
 - Masbate Farmers




Philippine Carabao Center - UPLB

Dairy Training and Research Institute -UPLB


ATI - International Training Center on Pig Husbandry



Hope to see you again MASBATE Farmers MGP Group!!! :)

Students of DLSU Dasma visited CRTD BUKHAY Farm

"Magtanim ay di biro, Maghapong nakayuko
Di naman makaupo, Di man lang makatayo"
This Filipino traditional song inspires most country men, on the contrary with the lines, the students of De La Salle University (DLSU) Dasmariñas City, Cavite branch experienced to feel the fun and thrill while doing some farming techniques such as harvesting, weeding and feeding animals instead.

March 21 and 22, regardless of the bad weather, rain did not barred the DLSU AB Broadcast Journalism students along with their teacher Mr. Artin Umali to get ready and take the plunge into the farm heedless to be barefooted  and barehanded under the muddy field. As the song goes..
"Lagi nang iisipin, 
Kung saan may patanim
Doon masarap ang pagkain, 
Halina, halina, mga kaliyag
Tayo’y magsipag unat-unat, 
Magpanibago tayo ng lakas
Para sa araw ng bukas"
Indeed it imparts that the life of a farmers is not that easy, how one has to bend over the entire day or not having time to sit nor stand while drudging on the scorching heat of the sun but with hard work and perseverance add up with hope that there's always a bright future ahead and so much opportunity living in farm, such qualities a family would never be hungry and continuously sustained.

NIA-IRPEP Region 8 attends Integrated Farming System Training Course

"The best part of this training is the part wherein the participants were able to visit various entities which could enhance their innate capabilities and at the same time promotes active learning to farmers."  - NIA-IRPEP

A five (5)-day training was conducted to equip the participants with the knowledge and basic hands-on training regarding the concepts and principles of Integrated Farming System. It was participated by a total of 32 participants which consist of IAs and representatives of National Irrigation Administration - Irrigated Rice Production Enhancement Project (NIA-IRPEP) Region 8 Office. Lectures on different topics including soil management, organic farming and vermicomposting were provided to sustain farm productivity. Participants were also given hands-on activities and educational tours to improve their understanding on the principles and concepts lectured.

A farm planning workshop was also managed to gauge the knowledge gained by the participants from the training. Likewise, participants were able to formulate their crop calendar and gained knowledge in the efficient allocation of farm area to different uses. Based on the farm planning activity conducted, the participants were able to learn the principles and concepts of Integrated Farming System. They were able to apply the technical skills in IFS in farm planning and appreciate the practical application of the knowledge on soils and the properties of soil, simple farm recording and book keeping.

PBSP-CRTD gives continuous counseling and technical support to trained farmers as what the program implementation concerns. The program itself was designed to facilitate and to determine the knowledge acquired by the participant from the training. Participants were given opportunity to apply the principles and concepts learned from the training by means of implementation and technical application thus the monitoring takes place. Moreover, as what the institute promote, share and teach on how appropriate components of farm can maximize productivity.

PBSP-CRTD Conducts Relief Operations for the Typhoon Victims of Ondoy and Santi

"We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope."

~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

CRTD Training Courses for May 2014

PBSP-CRTD will conduct training courses on agricultural technologies at Brgy. San Isidro, Calauan, Laguna this May 2014.

May 15 -16 - Training Course on Vermicomposting Technology and Organic Vegetable Production

This training course would include tour around CRTD BUKHAY demonstration farm and hands-on activities. If you are interested to attend, please call (049) 568-0265 or 568-0168. You can also email us at crtd.pbsp@gmail.com or mltalag@pbsp.org.ph.

New Landmark going to CRTD

Presently, two waiting sheds are now available along the way to CRTD. These waiting sheds are located on both sides of the highway to serve as landmark to those coming from Calamba or from Sta.Cruz, Laguna. (see below Location Map).

With the help of PBSP-CRTD and permission of the Barangay officials of Bangyas, these waiting sheds were painted in bright yellow, with the PBSP logo.

Now, with these sheds as landmarks, it would be easier to locate CRTD.

CRTD conducts Training in Northern Samar

PBSP-CRTD trains farmers at Catarman, Northern Samar.

PBSP-CRTD, in cooperation with Plan Philippines- Northern Samar Unit, orients the forty-five Northern Samar farmers with the concepts of Sustainable Agriculture.

This training was held at University of Eastern Philippines Farmers' Training Center last February 5 to 7, 2009. The participants of this training were from five farmer associations, and each association represents a community/barangay.

Redentor Gonzaga, CRTD Technical Officer, and Amy Melissa Malaluan, CRTD Training Officer handled the first two days of the training course, while PLAN staff led the last day.

The modules in this Training on Sustainable Agriculture included the Overview on Philippine Agriculture, Integrated Farming System Principles, and the Principles and Practices of Sustainable Agriculture.

The output of this training would be used to identify the agricultural technology needs and potential projects for each of the five barangays in Northern Samar.

CRTD shares its agricultural technologies

PBSP-CRTD continues to bring technologies closer to our fellow Filipinos.

Being the first training for year 2009, the Vermiculture Technology and Organic Vegetable Production Training was conducted last January 21 and 22, 2009 at CRTD Calauan, Laguna.

The modules of this training included topics on integrated farming systems principles, soils, vermiculture and vermicomposting (both lecture and hands on), organic vegetable production, and simple farm recording.

Participants of this training course came from different sectors- who have a common goal to learn more about vermiculture and vermicomposting technologies. There were farmers, entrepreneurs, government employees, and instructors in this training course.

All of the participants gave positive feedback on the training course. "I have attended five (5) trainings on Vermi but this is the only training that convinced me to include farming (vermiculture) in the curriculum for next school year," Dorothy Sabarez of OB Christian School said.

Vermiculture Technology and Organic Vegetable Production Training at CRTD

The Center for Rural Technology Development (CRTD) will conduct the Vermiculture Technology and Organic Vegetable Production Training on January 21 and 22, 2009 at CRTD Training Center Barangay San Isidro, Calauan, Laguna.

The objective of this training is to equip the participants with the knowledge on the production of organic fertilizer through the action of vermin (earthworm),and on the organic management of some vegetable crops. This training course would include topics on the market potential of this sustainable technology, simple farm recording and bookkeeping.

For more information regarding this training course, kindly email us at crtd.pbsp@gmail.com or call us at (049) 568-0265.

The training fee is 1600php per participant per day. This is inclusive of board and lodging, tuition and training fee and materials, and guided farm tour at CRTD BUKHAY demo farm.

CRTD hosts PBSP staff Christmas Party

With the theme, Barrio Fiesta, PBSP staff Christmas party 2008 was held last December 19, 2008 at CRTD Calauan, Laguna.

During the Christmas party, some PBSP staff showed off their talents during the group folk dance presentations. Moreover, loyalty service awardees were recognized during the celebration. One of these awardees is Ediser A. Villaran of CRTD who have been working for PBSP-CRTD for twenty years.


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